2018 Top 9, Round-up, & 2019 Goals

Hey everyone!

I dislike posts of this nature because I feel like I’m bragging, but I want to have my sewing growth documented so I can measure my progress later on. This year I have progressed SO much in my sewing life. I have conquered bunches of sewing fears and accomplished things that I never thought I could. Last year at this time, I had just dipped my toe into the water of garment sewing. Before we look back at my 2018 sewing accomplishments I wanted to show you my 2018 best/top nine!

From top left, clockwise: Annelaine Tamara/ Clementine dress mash. Blogged here Patterns for Pirates Take the Plunge swimsuit. I didn’t blog this one, but the fabrics are from Raspberry Creek Fabrics and the pattern can be found here. Annelaine Clementine dress. I didn’t blog this, but the fabric is also from Raspberry Creek Fabrics and the pattern can be found here. Sew a Little Seam Women’s Linden Shorts. Blogged here Winter Wear Designs Women’s Bateau Garden Dress. Blogged here Sew a Little Seam Once Upon a costume. Blogged here Mamma Can Do It Women’s Relaxed Peplum Top. Blogged here Teen & Adult Kritter Kicks Slippers. I didn’t blog these, but all fabric is from JoAnn’s and the pattern can be found here. Made for Mermaids Mama Joy dress. I didn’t blog these, but the fabric is from Hobby Lobby and the pattern can be found here

These pieces are my favorite 9 makes of 2018. All of them are either pieces that were (and still are!) worn constantly, were super fun to make, or were challenging and helped me grow my skills.

2018 held a lot of sewing accomplishments, as I said previously. Let’s dive in to some of the biggest ones!

This one is the most prominent, I think. I started pattern testing! Like, lots of pattern testing. Almost all of my sews from September through now have been pattern tests. Sometimes it is crazy stressful with late nights trying to make deadlines, but it is so fun. I started wanting to test around the end of May. It took two months to get established in a couple groups. In the testing world, you mostly get picked if you have experience, but you can’t get experience if companies don’t pick you. A big thank you to Ellie and Mac for taking a chance on a newbie tester! Ellie and Mac launched my testing “career”.

This is one of my first tests ever, the Ellie and Mac 24/7 Top.
And my most recent test, the Bella Sunshine Designs girl’s and doll sahara dress.

In 2018, I made some real-deal jean shorts! They have everything ready-to-wear jean shorts have, including a zipper, button, pockets, yoke, etc.

Another fun thing I did is make swimsuits! Three, in fact! 2 for me, one for my little sis, although I can only find a picture of one.

I made a fancy dress that I blogged about here

Ruffles happened! I did lots of gathering for the first time, including on this nightgown (pattern is the Simcoe Pajamas from Pollywoggles).

I used many different kinds of fabrics, including trying scuba, cotton lycra, liverpool, velvet, swim, french terry, mvc, and single brushed poly. This peplum is in liverpool.

I made dolly clothes, learned how to line garments, and cut on the double fold. All are represented in this photo below

Skirts cut on the double fold are super twirly!

With pattern testing, good photos are pretty important if you want to get chosen. I was able to purchase a dslr camera to help improve my photography, which is another one of my hobbies. Photographing still objects like baked goods are so much easier than photographing moving people!

2018 was such a fun year filled with lots of growth for me!

I am a planner and love setting goals. Of course I had to make a list of my sewing goals for 2019! Some things I would like to accomplish are:

  • Sewing more swimsuits
  • Getting into strike-off fabric sewing
  • Sewing real-deal jeans and more pants in general
  • Sewing undergarments
  • Using up some of my fabric and pattern stash

Well, that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed seeing my 2018 year in review. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!

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