Unicorn Party

Hi everyone!

Guess what… it’s a post other than Sunday Lately!!! I adore Sunday Lately, but I am definitely still posting things other than that. Today I’m going to be sharing about my sister’s unicorn birthday party!

The theme of the party was unicorns, with slime being made at the party. Everything was so bright and colorful!

Two types of slime were made, a fluffy slime and regular slime. There were also lots of fun add ins for the slime like sequins and glitter!

After slime making the guests colored these unicorn sun catchers. Aren’t they adorable?!

There was also a photo booth with fun props!

Many of the girls’ favorite part was the cotton candy drink. All you do is stir a piece of cotton candy into sprite and you have a yummy drink! Side note- those unicorn straws are so awesome!

Now onto the food, my favorite part! We had lots of sweet treats.

Unicorn horns made from an ice cream cone dipped in white candy melts and rolled in sprinkles.

Wafers dipped in candy melts with sprinkles.

Fruity pebble treats and pretzels dipped in candy melts with sprinkles.

And finally, the unicorn cupcakes. These are my favorite!

Everything turned out so well! The party was a huge success.

In case you’re interested, everything except the food and photo lighting is from Oriental Trading (this isn’t sponsored). Photo umbrella can be found here from Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this post! This unicorn party was super fun.

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